Saturday, April 19, 2008

No Payne, No Gain-- Pinehurst No. 2

Pinehurst No. 2, one of the greatest of all golf courses in the world, is also clearly, at least in terms of its greens, one of the most difficult courses in the world, and it sure humbled me on April 29th. It was a cold and windy Saturday, and it was hard to even feel my hands. The course was beautiful, but you can see the leaden skies. Honestly, I was just feeling blessed to get to play the course where two of my favorite golfers, Payne Stewart, and Davis Love, won major championships. You will find below a picture of me with the statue of Payne, who gave his life to Christ not long before he was tragically killed in a plane crash. The statue recreates the moment he sank the winning putt here on this course, and shows his instinctive reaction to doing so.

Robert Trent Jones sure knew how to create devilish greens. These are mostly crowned greens so the ball rolls off in all directions, and they require pin point accuracy in putting. Both Carnoustie and the Old course at St. Andrews have much easier greens than these!


Anonymous said...

I am enjoying your blog. The blog about Rob Bell's Sex God tour is riveting.

My wife and I joined the journey at Woodmont Hills some years back, and I appreciate your desire in apologizing the faith. I do like what Mr. Bell has to say about truth. I'm sure you would agree with him here. He writes something to the effect that God has spoken beauty into existence, and we are trying to emulate that beauty in the church and the academy. We get desensitized don't we?

It's not all bad though. I started watching Jim Caviezel's career in Hollywood before The Passion, and I firmly believe Mr. Caviezel is reflecting the light of Christ in Hollywood. I'm sure the same can be said for Christians in education, business, sports and politics.

And I'll add, with tongue in cheek, because you are a godly man, that Jesus rebuked his followers when they asked him if he wanted them to call fire down from heaven for those who were healing in his name. The same can be said here. Anyone, including Rob Bell, who does the will of my Father in my name shall be heard.

I don't think I have to go over to Vandy and get a Ph.D. in the Hebrew Bible to reflect His kingdom. I realize of course that I must love Him with all my heart, soul, mind and strength. I pray He reveal that to you, Rob Bell and me. I know He is.

Dratz said...

29th??? Should that be the 19th?

Living the Biblios said...

Uggh! I'm jealous, in a holy sort of way! I'm glad you enjoy the great sport of golf.

You didn't tell us your score!

Ben Witherington said...

As for my score. I normally shoot in the mid-80s. Not on this course,I am afraid.