Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Dialogue at Duke-- Paul and Women

Dr. A.J. Levine and I last night, April 7th, at Duke Divinity School had a cordial and enjoyable dialogue on the much belabored subject of Paul and Women. The audio, and perhaps also the video will soon be posted on the website of the Duke Socratic Club. Here is the link to their blogspot.


The event was very well attended and the dialogue was moderated by Dr. Douglas Campbell a very fine NT scholar in his own right, with a good Kiwi accent (i.e he's from New Zealand). Listen to the dialogue, which went on for about an hour and half, and see what you think.

The parable of the sower window in Duke chapel (pictured above), beside the poster for the event.


Geoff said...

Kiwi's are just the best.. (no bias here of course :P)

I've never heard of Dr Campbell, and I cant find any reference to him on the net. I dont suppose you know where he might be located over here in NZ?

Ben Witherington said...

Well the good Dr. Campbell actually teaches at Duke, and prior to that he taught at King's College London, so it is no surprise you've not found him in NZ.


Geoff said...

Shoot.. We seem to export all our brains overseas.

Thanks for letting me know

BTW, I really enjoy your blog.

Auckland, New Zealand.

Marc Axelrod said...

Sounds very interesting. I liked Levine's book "Misunderstanding Jesus." I enjoy her humor and how down to earth she is.

Next week, I go away to work on my DMin final project. The goal is to complete the project proposal.

Andrew C. Thompson said...

I attended the discussion, and it made for a thoroughly enjoyable evening. You and Dr. Levine seemed to be so much in agreement on many issues of interpretation that I think Dr. Campbell was poking at you both to see if he could stir up some controversy.

I always wish they would schedule more time for questions in settings like that, as I am sure a lot of us would have wanted to keep the conversation going for another hour or two.

andygoodliff said...

For more on Douglas Campbell see here:

JMS said...

On an unrelated note, I wanted to let you know that I give you props on p.57 of the newest issue of Relevent Network LEADER in response to an article on the Spiritual Disciplines. :)

Ben Witherington said...

Hi Andrew:

I quite agree with you, there should have been more time for Q+A, and we didn't even get to the household codes in Col 3-4 and Ephes. 5-6. Frankly A.J and I could talk the horns off a billy goat. This conversation could have gone on for many hours, but alas, we were weary.



tfjern said...

The quality of the downloadable MP3 is awful. Are there any other sites of better quality?

phil_style said...

Great to see some fellow Kiwis contributing to this area of study.

Matthew said...

This event would seem highly interesting.

SJBedard said...

Any chance you could comment on the idea of "womb shaped" baptistries? I had never heard of that before.