Monday, February 09, 2009


Now that I am back home I can post further pictures I took in Vermont. Here are some of the many I took at the Norman Rockwell museum in Rutland Vt. Enjoy, and pick your favorites.




Debbie Kaufman said...

Ben: These are terrific photos. Normal Rockwell is my favorite artist. He captured the truth, yet humor in his works. His eye was amazing. There was a showing of his works in Oklahoma City a year or two ago that I unfortunately was not able to attend. I would have like to though. I have many Norman Rockwell reproductions on my wall.

Ben Witherington said...

Thanks Debbie: I have a bunch more, but it was difficult to get good shots since these were all behind glass and in a room with neon overhead lights. I had to sit on the floor a good bit. I love him and his humour as well. You might enjoy the documentary Norman Rockwell's Dream which is short but won an Academy Award in the 70s for short subject.