Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Biblical and Impressionist Art of the Art Institute of Chicago

Over the weekend we went and visited our Russian daughter who is starting her PhD in Chicago. One of our main and favorite stop was at the Art Institute on Michigan Ave. What you see in these pictures includes figures such as John of Patmos, Job, Peter and the girl who recognized him at Caiphas' house, Adam and Eve, Moses sending the Red Sea onto Pharaoh's army, angels in stone, Marc Chagall's famous white crucifixion, and two El Grecos, one of James the Less, and one of St. Francis.


Unknown said...

Dr. Witherington, would you happen to know who painted the second painting, the one with the people sitting by the fire?

Paul Miller said...

In your description you refer tot Marc Chagall's famous white crucifixion. It painfully shows how little about art I know. Some of Chagall's paintings I happen to know, but this one I only know from a book cover. Title: De kring om de Messias, by author, Dr. A. van de Beek. He is one of 'our' greatest theologians of the day (dutchy). A little similar to a man called Ben Witherington, but then different. If only you could read Dutch, Ben :-)

Ben Witherington said...

If memory serves it was a Dutch or Italian painter, but not Rembrandt or Tiepolo.


Unknown said...

Hey, Ben. At what school is your daughter doing her PhD? My son is doing PhD at UChicago.

thegreatswalmi said...

ahhh, one of my favorite places of all time. did you happen to see a carving there, i don't remember the name of the artist, but it's simply a black monk, head bowed, in a dark room with a few spotlights? it's probably one of the most haunting and beautiful pieces of art i know of.