Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Three D Jesus in a High Def World

One of the things you find at the Moscow Flea Market is products made by the new laser technologies. Naturally enough someone was going to try and capture Jesus in glass through this technology and with some considerable success. Here are two images, one front one from the side, which show the the 3 D Jesus. On either side of his halo are the proper nomina sacra, the abbreviations for Insous Christos, and in the halo itself you can see the abbreviation indicating he is the alpha and omega. Over his head is a small flame (flame on Jesus). The most interesting feature here is Jesus is holding a Russian Bible in old Slavonic. Who knew that an Aramaic speaking Jesus read old Slavonic? As they say in Russia Slava Boga (Praise God).

In any case, we need a 3 D Jesus in this High Def world. Most of the Jesus' we offer the world are far too monochrome, one dimensional, and frankly just fall flat (as in flat screen). I am finally safely home, so you may prepare your self for a multitude of posts from materials from the trip, including some archaeology reports from Turkey.

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bgeorge77 said...

A slight correction: the halo isn't the alpha and omega and a flame, it is the Greek words "ο ων" with accents. It means, roughly, "THE IS" or "THE AM" (i.e. "I AM") and it is from Rev 4:8, where the angels sing: αγιος αγιος αγιος κυριος ο θεος ο παντοκρατωρ ο ην και ο ων και ο ερχομενος -- "Holy Holy Holy LORD, God Almighty, who was and who is and who is to come."