Friday, January 02, 2009


Here is an interesting article from the London Times kindly sent to me by Jim Foster written by an atheist who thinks Christianity is good for Africa. You'll be intrigued to see why. Here is the link.....see what you think. BW3


Anonymous said...

It's always good to see that not all unbelievers are as upleasant as the most famous ones.

G said...

Thanks for posting this article link. Under one Finnish NGO we have worked in Southeast Asia for more than 15 years. We have seen all types of development and aid efforts by government and NGO agencies. Christian development agencies have made many mistakes also, but it is their transforming message that brings real change to the communities in which they are serving. If we say what Matthew Parris wrote, it would be seen as a self serving bias, so I am glad that he is honest enough to give credit to where it is due.

Ian Matthews said...

Matthew Paris is a fascinating writer. He believes that the Church of England should never pander to culture but act according to what it believes is revelation. As a homosexual he believes it is reasonable for the church to say that homosexual practice is sinful for church members (but has no jurisdiction outside of that).

Oh ... and he is probably as well known as 'famous ones' over here :-)

(and in an act of supreme imperialism I'm afraid the paper is just called The Times!!!!)