Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Greeting to God's Frozen People everywhere from Frostbite Falls (aka Grafton Vermont, see the pictures of the bandshell here and the house where I am staying taken two summer's ago) where it is a toasty 1 F on the thermometer with windchill down to -16F.

Grafton is a beautiful little town (3,000 or so depending on the season) nestled in the Green Mountains, home to a wonderful Inn and a great cheese factory where you can get the best Vermont sharp cheddar anywhere. I am safely ensconced here looking at about two feet of snow with prospects of more. It's just me, 2 labs (one named---- wait for it, Ben, and honest I had nothing to do with the naming of the dog which belongs to the Dumas family) and Clio the cat. Through the gracious hospitality of our friends the Dumas' I am taking a chunk of my sabbatical up country in dear ole New England finishing up the second volume of The Indelible Image. Cabin fever is a real possibility here in light of the weather, but hey, I have my books, my computer, and some occasional TV and email. Life is good. Yesterday I dressed up like Nanuck of the North got in the big pickup truck and drove to Walpole N.H. to do the grocery shopping, with guidance and help from Blaine the handyman around here. He's a native son who seems to know everyone around these parts, and is undaunted by the weather. Color me daunted, since I have a bit of a cold just now.

From time to time I will be posting some entries about my time here and my reflections. For now I will just tell you--- think of the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and the first time you hear about Narnia. Well, its that wintry here, and very beautiful in a cold, pristine, clean, austere, silent sanctuary kind of way. Saw some wild turkey's, partridges, a hawk the other day. We also have Bullwinkle the moose who shows up in the backyard from time to time setting the two dogs off like a five alarm fire bell. Stay tuned.... and stay warm.



Jc_Freak: said...

Ah, the Northeast. Where many are cold but few are frozen.

Brad Johnson said...

Great to hear from you, Dr. Ben. I hope your full vitality returns quickly. It's really unfortunate that you have chosen this particular time to vacate the central KY premises, given our unseasonably warm weather. The forecast high for today is 88 F, with overnight lows in the 70's. Remarkably, very low humidity with clear skies every day. They say the stretch should run through the middle of March. The beach erosion of the Florida Panhandle has apparently been severe this winter. Real estate agents assess that Wilmore will actually be beachfront property by the end of January...

Ted M. Gossard said...

Those green mountains must be wonderful. But I scratch my head a little at the thought of going up there this time of year!

Hope you don't get what we're getting here, heading to below 0 F. At least not 2 feet of snow, though plenty of that here as well.

ed c said...

Good choice of towns. Grafton is beautiful. My wife and I live near Manchester, home to the Northshire Bookstore--which I hope you'll find time to visit. It's a real treasure. Enjoy your time in Vermont.
Ed Cyzewski

Seguendo il Maestro said...

Great Blog entry,
I'm a first time writer long time reader. I hope you're staying warm!
I'm an evangelist in Italy, I'm trying to come up with the 3 best reasons to trust the reliability of the New Testament. I would love to hear yours!

Ben Witherington said...

Hi Seguendo:

Let's focus on the NT. 1) It was written by eyewitnesses, or in some cases those who knew and consulted the eyewitnesses. 2) the authors of various of these books paid for their belief in its truths with their lives, whereas the record shows that previously they had not been brave enough to follow Jesus to his demise in Jerusalem; 3) after 30 plus years of work in history and archaeology, I can find no reason at all not to trust the veracity of these writers. There is a remarkable congruence between what they each say, and between what they all say and the external historical evidence as we know it. Finally, there is of course the confirmation of experience--- the many whose lives have been irrevocably altered for the better by believing in Jesus, mine included.

Blessings on your Evangelism,

Ben W.