Sunday, March 15, 2009


Michael McDonald is one of my favorite soulful singers of all time, and he has done a lot of work backing up others and helping them make hit records. James Ingram, from Ohio was a Gospel singer who had some soul hits as well, and here is one of them under the title "Yo Mo Be There". This is taken from a 1992 all star concert in Japan, and yes that's Nathan East and Lee Ritenour in the band. This is the best quality video I could find of this rare concert. I should just add that Michael has long since confessed his faith in the Lord.


Yahnatan said...

Great video! I think that's Abe Laboriel on bass though...?

Keep the music posts coming!

Ur Man CD said...

I knew you were alright, but this confirms everything - nice call on the Mike Mac shout out - by the way if you look hard enough there's a decent version of him doing this on his own.


Wyatt Roberts said...

Man! A theologian AND and a jazzer! You rock, brother!

David said...

Oh yeah! That's Uncle Abe on the bass, no doubt! What a great song this is! You have good taste Brother Ben. BTW, did you know that Jon Gibson covered this song on one of his cd's?