Sunday, March 01, 2009


It is not often you get to compare great guitarists shredding the very same song, but here is one that may make you give up your guitar playing forever, or inspire it, one or the other.

What we have here is three great guitarists-- Larry Carlton (Steely Dan, Foreplay, Joni Mitchell among many other venues), Lee Ritenour (Captain Fingers himself, also in Foreplay among other venues), and Steve Lukather (Toto of course). Lukather of course is strictly a rock guitarist, and it shows, where as the other two have done both jazz and rock and pop, and you name it. The other interesting thing is that both Lukather and Carlton are Christians, and Lukather looks to Carlton as a mentor, not merely in guitar playing it would appear. You can vote for your favorite version of this Carlton classic--- Room 335. Enjoy BW3

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Paul D. Adams said...

It's a toss up between Carlton and Ritenour. Both are legacy role models for fine guitar. I think I would go for Carlton, though. His lines are not over-played, which Ritenour's tend to be.

Thanks for sharing Ben!