Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Here is a discussion worthy of your attention. Kudos to James Foster for the link. There are in fact many links on this page. Some to the discussion held at Westminster in London between the three figures mentioned, some to the debates Gary Habermas has had in Cambridge and elsewhere with atheists of various sorts.



Anonymous said...

Has Anthony Flew crossed all the way over from mere Theist to Resurrection-affirming Chirstian? Or is he defending the agnostic position?

Ben Witherington said...

My take is that Flew is definitely in the theist camp now, but still pondering things like resurrection. I would call him a hopeful theist at this point.


James said...

It gives me no pleasure to say this, but - as you can begin to tell from the video - Flew has lost so many of his marbles that it would be better if he rejoined the atheist camp. Neither his book on the subject nor his recent combative but lacklustre contribution to First Things has relieved me of this impression I'm afraid.

thinker said...

Hi Ben,

How about reporting on your blog, and adding your comments, on the debate on Jesus' resurrection which occurred on 18th Mar 2009 at Northwest Missouri State University between William Lane Craig and Richard Carrier?

Carrier is recognised among American online atheists as one of their best representative (in terms of education and intelligience, at least from their perspective), having recently obtained his PhD in ancient Roman history, I think. So it is nice for Craig to debate with the atheists' hero.

Incidentally, Carrier has several correspondence with Flew and has commented here about a book written on Flew's becoming a theist here:

I believe that the bodily resurrection of Jesus probably occurred, and have been following Wright's writings on it, including his thick book on Resurrection. Corresponded with Wright once a long while when questions arise in my mind and Wright is always so gracious to reply all my emails despite his super busy schedule.

Leslie said...


What about Flew gives you the impression he has lost his marbles? I've spent a lot of time around elderly people of all stripes in my life, from the furthest gone to the wisest and most together, and nothing Flew says or does makes me think he is senile. He has simply changed his mind.

In fact, I'd actually say he sounds better now than he did in the past. Just listen to him in this debate from the 70s. He stutters constantly and you feel like he hardly covers any ground when speaking during that debate. I would have been more inclined to say he was off his rocker when listening to him in the 70s debate than listening to him now.

Anonymous said...

I would like to point out that William Lane Craig recently debated Richard Carrier and Shabir Ally on the resurrection and did excellent performances both times, but it looks like thinker was faster than me.

The debate with Shabir Ally can be watched here and it might be possible that the Carrier debate will be uploaded soon:

John Farrell said...

I've just watched the first segment (the sound is quite low--even with my PC volume control up to max).

But it seems to me that if what Prof. Flew says about Dawkins' interaction with him, it is baffling and sad.

I recently watched Dawkins' complete uncut interview on YouTube with Father George Coyne, the former head of the Vatican observatory, and I was pleasantly surprised, not only at how gracious Dawkins was, but how he obviously was listening carefully to what Coyne had to say.

It's a shame he could not conduct a similar interview with Prof. Flew.