Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tales from Frostbite Falls-- Part Six-- BLIZZARD!

There is snow, and then there is serious snow. I'm talkin' blizzard here (and not the kind available at Dairy Queen). Thank God for 4 wheel drive trucks is all I can say or else I would never have gotten home over the mountain from Townsend where I went to the dentist this morning.

When I awoke this morning, there had already been 4-5 inches of light snow, but by Noon we already had another 5-6 inches, and they are talking 14 today and another 6 tomorrow. Now where I come from, that would be seen as a whole winter's snow, the storm of the century. Around here in Grafton in the Green Mountains, not so much. They are not much impressed.... yet. So I thought I would give a handy dandy guide to be able to tell when you are or have had a blizzard.


1) frozen beef is not just what is in the frig (see above)

2) the snowplows give up and go home

3) the dogs no longer want to go outside and chase the birds from the bird feeder

4) when the level of snow on top of your car is in fact taller than you (see above)

5) when all the schools in your part of Vermont are closed.

6) when the local grocery store decides it must close early.

7) when the heat runs constantly in the house.

8) when its easier to slide off your roof to get out of the house than to go out a downstairs door.

9) when old Joe, who is 88 says, "I've not seen one like this in a while"

10) when there is now more food in your fridge than there is left at the Village Store

11) when its already dark by 3 p.m. cause it's snowing so hard.

12) when your love for the beauty of the snow finally gives way to the realization that you have about four days of shoveling to do, just to get out of your house and driveway.

13) when there is not enough coffee in the world to keep you warm.

14) when the phone's go out.

15) when no one drives up or down your road for over 24 hours.

16) when the cabin fever gets so bad that even week old brussel sprouts and canned peas start looking good.

P.S. It's not that big of a deal to be snowed in, even if you lose power if you have good wood and kindling and a good fire place. You can still be warm, and eat, and read good books, and for a writer like myself, that's way more important than TV. But if I still have power tonight, I think I'll watch the new episode of LOST. If you are on top of a mountain and snowed in and there's no way out, it isn't much different than being on an island for a while. And maybe those Demon Deacons of Wake will beat those ole Blue Devils tonight as well :)


Mark Stevens said...

Well if it makes you feel any better (and I am sure it will not) here in Adelaide, Australia, it reached 117 yesterday, or as we like o say 46 degrees! I would kill for a blizzard right now ; )

Ben Witherington said...

Thanks loads Mark, I'll take the snow I think. I can always put on more clothes, but you alas, can only go so far in taking off clothes.... :)