Monday, January 05, 2009

Love's Labor's Won

How do you measure a human heart?
By beats and chambers four?
By calculating capacity,
Or do you look for more?

Do you follow the Egyptians
Placing hearts upon a scale?
The ones that were the heaviest
Were those beyond the pale.

Or should we think like Hebrews
Who saw within the heart
The locus of thought, feeling, will
The place where ‘souls’ start?

Or should we heed the doctors
Who say its just a pump,
That keeps our lifeblood circulating
While listening to it thump?

But what of seers and sages
Who spoke so long ago.
And told us the heart is where God dwells
And love divine also?

Judging a heart is not a task
The faint of heart should try
There’s more to love than feelings
Much more than meets the eye.

And if we ask about love’s labors
And when they may be done
It is by loving others
That a true heart is won.


Karin said...

Love your poetry! Yours prompted mine!


You have to have a heart of love
To love a heart that is in need.
Serve words of kind encouragement
And top it off with helpful deed.

Wait patiently and you should see
That fragile heart grow trust inside.
As love breaks down protective walls
No longer will it chose to hide.

Love works its wonders everywhere
And that’s how hearts are won!
Let’s join the heart of Christ our Lord
And love until Love’s work is done!

Karin Ristau

Enjoy your blog. It's thought provoking and educational.

Quixie said...

Hi Prof Witherington.

Someone suggested that I drop you a note to invite you to read a post on my own blog that kinda slams your recent peformance on the G'Day radio show. I agreed that it would at least be fair to alert of you to its publication.

Nice poem, by the way (seriously).

Good wishes for 2009.



Saleema said...

Your words are inspiring and beautiful. I wish people were full of divine love in their hearts. Perhpas, then we wouldn't have so much hatred in our world.

Ben Witherington said...

Hi Quixie: I have read your post. For the record I never said that Josephus or Pliny, or Tacitus had personally met Jesus.But that is irrelevant. The point is the Romans had clear records that Pilate had judged and executed him. So back up the balogna truck on your blog please. Secondly, Paul knew the eyewitnesses as 1 Cor. 15 makes so very clear, so the plausibility of denying Jesus existed is non-existence. Thirdly, you need to do your Origen scholarship a bit better. And the other church fathers as well, especially the second century ones, such as Papias. You're not going to convince many of even the non-committed audience if you take a radical position like--- Jesus didn't exist.

Blessings anyway,