Sunday, December 21, 2008


The following is another poem from my book 'The Living Legacy'

Jaded, Jaundiced
Left out in the cold,
Cynical, clinical
Tired of getting old
Looking for something,
More glittering than gold…
The rebirth of wonder.

Seeking, searching
Coming from afar
Reaching, lurching
Wishing on a star
Wise guys, shepherds
Bordering on bizarre
Where’s the boy wonder?

Child-like, crawling
Wide-eyed, on his knees
Compact, contact
With everything he sees
Babbling, bobbling
Hoping to believe
Wandering towards wonder.

Silence, science
Analysis complete
Seeing, being
Honest but discreet
Empirical evidence
Incarnation’s feat
Makes you wonder.

Believing’s seeing
Not blinded by the light
Seeing’s believing
Leaves one in the night
Longing, aching,
Couldn’t love be right?
Wonderfully contrite.

Unveiled, unabashed
Breaks into the world
Shattering the smatterings
Of reasons we have heard
‘Why it could never be,
Of course it is absurd’
Until she bore the Word.

Child birth, new birth
Coming from the womb
Fine wine, wonderbread
Placed upon the plate,
Revelation, consummation
Never out of date,
The rebirth of wonder.



phil said...

Another great poem Dr. Witherington!

Check this video out, it is well worth it.

Saleema said...

Very nice poem. So you are an author? What other books have you written? Are you a theologian or a professor?

Although, as a Muslim I do not celebrate Christmas, I enjoy the time around Christmas time. Many people become extra-nice and I enjoy the Christmas carols. But your poem is the best!

Ben Witherington said...

Hi Saleema, I am both a prof and a theologian.You should check my website, Also, you will find a list of my some 40 books at, if you type in my name.

Blessings on you.

Ben W.