Sunday, December 14, 2008


The NY Times has an important article this morning on the growth of Evangelical Churches since the beginning of the recession. It's interesting and well worth the read.... Here's the link. BW3


Marc Axelrod said...

I like the article. It's no legend. People are more responsive to the gospel in times of crisis and duress.

Our attendance in Potter is way up this fall. We used to average around 130 people or so on a given Sunday. Now it's about 160-180. Part of it is that I have a larger confirmation class this year (12, up from 7 a year ago, and attendance is mandatory for confirmands), part of it is that we've had a lot of young families join church in the last 12-18 months, and part of it is the economy. Maybe part of it is that the Packers need a lot of prayer :)

Kristellys said...

interesting, indeed. i guess it's positive? i just wish people would be drawn to churches/God out of the love that the Church shows to society, specially the oppressed who are at the center of God's heart, not because people are afraid and need to find comfort.

God will comfort those in need, yes. and i pray He does. but i think it's a little ridiculous that fear attracts people to God and His people, not the love for one another and the contributions to societal ills. and i believe it's the failure of the Church as a whole that we can't confound people with our love for one another as the primitive Church did in Acts 2.

but hey, may all things work for good according to His purpose.

Kevin Jackson said...

Ammo sales are up too. :)