Wednesday, November 19, 2008

2008 Blog Awards for This Blog!

BW3 and Payne Stewart at Pinehurst No. 2.

I am very pleased to announce that the Blogsperts that be have announced that this blog has been named one of the top five blogs having to do with the Bible and Religion, and this is based not merely on traffic, but apparently on content. I am sure that it is not based on catchy design as I have preferred to keep that very basic and simple.

As we look toward Thanksgiving, I wanted to thank all the yea sayers and nay sayers who have made this blog a lively and healthy place for us all to discuss important matters related to the Bible and Christianity.

A blessing on all your houses--

May your turkey be plump, may your cranberry sauce be from real New England cranberry bogs, may your stuffing leave you stuffed, may your pun'kin pie be tasty, and may a good time be had by all.

I leave you with a now famous prayer my father once offered at my uncle's house in Statesville N.C. when he was asked on the spur of the moment to pray, and got a little flustered.

"Dear Lord, at this thanksgiving meal we ask that you pardon this food and bless our sins in Jesus name. Amen" (P.S. My aunt who had slaved for days over the turkey and food never let him live that one down).



Mark Baker-Wright said...

Congratulations on the awards!

Crowm said... memories including prayers...priceless! I too offer congrats on the well deserved awards.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving. Thanks for the well wishes. But I leave the cranberry for others.

Unknown said...

Well deserved!

Jc_Freak: said...

What has impressed me about this blog, is how busy you are, and yet you manage to keep this blog updated on a daily basis, often with two posts in a day. Quite impressive for a man with your committments.

JDev said...

I typically like to pull out the very fine prayer, "God's neat, let's eat." for those special family together times. = )

Stanford J. Young said...

I really appreciate your blog and the good teaching you put on it (whether I always agree with it or not; though I think it's mostly exceptional stuff).

Kevin Schriver said...

As a frequent reader and also one that hails from the Ozarks (like Payne), congrats all the way around. I appreciate your ideas, your expression, your handling of issues (sticky and hot potatoish), and yes, even your humor. Keep up the good work. Many blessings to you and your kin.

Rev. Spike said...

Well, you are quite welcome. Thank you for your insights and your perspective. I hope this well deserved accolade increases your traffic.

N T Wrong said...

Much more importantly, you have the Number One Biblioblog for November 2008.