Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pat Metheny goes Polish

Pat's newest CD is with a bunch of Polish musicians who have serious chops. Check out these two live concert samples and see what you think. If you want the lyrics they are translated on the CD liner notes. Oh yes, and the female lead singer is Anna Maria Jopek and as you will see--- she can bring it. The project evolved from a request by Anna Maria for Pat to allow her to provide some original transcriptions of his music, along with some tunes of her own, and that they would perform together (they performed live together in 2002). Pat loved her sound, and having never recorded with a female singer in any extended way before, this was something creative and new. See what you think of the results. If you like jazz fusion, as I do--- this is synergy, magic, blessed.



david said...

I'm a big fan of fusion as well. Check out Ben Monder for some good outerspace style guitar playing. :-)

Craig L. Adams said...

Very nice. Thanks for posting these.

scott brownlea said...

Unless I am mistaken, Pat toured with his buddy Lyle Mays with Joni Mitchell for her Miles of Aisles album, a 2 record set back in the late 70's or so, I saw Pat and Lyle in Boulder around 1981. Thanks for the update!
scott brownlea

Ben Witherington said...

The really interesting DVD is Pat Metheny. Jaco Pastorius Lyle Mays Michael Brecker and Joni Mitchell, entitled Shadows and Light.


Volkmar said...

Yes, Pat and Jaco and Lyle played and toured with Joni Mitchell in the late 70's. The "Miles of Ailes" recording featured the LA Rhythm Section, if memory serves.

Actually watched some clips tonight of Joni and Jaco and Pat...superlative.