Monday, September 22, 2008


What people do to animals,is, well amazing. And dogs especially all to often seem to come in for what can only be called cruel and unusual treatment. But in these pictures there is an attempt to humanize the hound, as you will see.

I have some captions for you, so match the caption to the picture: 1) I can't believe the chihuahua drank all the root beer; 2) a dog cannot live by bread alone; 3) dog practices Kung Fu moves; 4)'Honestly I always wanted to look like a seal, and O.K. so I have my rubber ducky, but where is the Old Spice body wash?; 5) 'Who says there are no happy meals for dogs?'; 6) 'A mouse! Quick, jump up on a chair (especially if the mouse is bigger than you)'; 7) I'm writing a doggone term paper. Did you think I was looking for the mouse?'; 8) when you weigh less than 3 ounces wringing wet, you never wanna be wringing wet'; 9) 'If someone would just hold my head up, I could keep eating'; 10) 'Last I checked, Halloween is not a celebration for dogs'; 11) 'Not a peep out of you, 'cause I am nothing to sneeze at'; 12) 'O.K. now I see why they call this sucking thing a dummy in England'; 13) 'I don't care if I just broke my leg, I've just had a triple espresso at Starbucks also and I feel perky!!!'

Excerpts from the dog and cat diaries of the week:


Monday--- given a new bone-- the best treat ever!
Tuesday taken for a walk-- the best walk ever!
Wednesday-- fed left over steak bits-- the best meal ever!
Thursday-- Ride in car with windows down-- the best day ever!
Friday-- Play frisbee with master-- He's the best master ever!

Monday-- given more bland left over cat treats-- How long can this go on?
Tuesday-- allowed outside for all of five minutes! This is day 3,000 of my captivity.
Wednesday-- kicked out of my favorite chair by his highness when he came home. I thought possession was nine tenths of the law!
Thursday-- Hid under the bed while the infernal vacuum cleaner was going. God that thing is loud!
Friday-- Left blissfully alone as family heads off for a night out. Whew-- survived another week of incarceration.


Angie Van De Merwe said...

perhaps this illustrate two types of people?
the dog is the passive, compliant just give me whatever...
the cat, well, complains about what the ideal should be, but lets others take the intiative.

I love those pictures!

Angie Van De Merwe said...

Because of the color of your denomination, wouldn't it behoove the human to get beyond the animal, that is Romans 7? Isn't it about the character of the animal that makes the difference between the animal and the person? Certainly our society, and the Church, teach the "survival of the fittest" example.
It is just as wrong for those "in the know" to decide for another what is best. Otherwise, you treat another human as an animal, with treats to be submissively obedient. This is appropriate for a child, but not an adult, whoose values may just be different than yours....

CP said...

angie, what is that supposed to mean? man can't people just have a little giggle and move everything have to be so 'deep'...anyway peace to you all.