Tuesday, November 13, 2007


That winsome melancholy

Always became you,

Or you became it

Three shades of blue

‘Don’t interrupt the sorrow’

You once admonished

But when joy peaked through clouds

You were astonished.

Why must we major

In such minor keys,

As if it were the blues

That liberates and frees?

However genuine sadness

It isn’t the last word,

Life is not all suffering,

Nor is it all absurd.

No pit is so deep,

That love’s not deeper still

Emptiness fills no cavities

Pain never will.

Melancholy makes you heavy

It tends to weigh you down,

It has specific gravity

But is it so profound?

Or is it feeling’s counterpart

To the human fall,

‘Omnia anima triste’,

Happens to us all.

In the end a choice is made,

By each and every life,

To savor life’s inherent scent

Or focus on the strife.

The sorrow is interrupted

By resurrection fact

And God imparts to human hearts

The impact of that act.

God's yes to life

Is louder than death's knell

He's enacted triumph

Tracing tragedy's limits well.

Nov. 12, 2007


preacherman said...


Jesus' Gal said...

I always like the Mary who broke her vase of expensive oil and poured all on Jesus.

I am living with this joy of Mary, although I keep facing many many struggles and difficulties and down times and the hardest of all... loneliness. Like Mary's friends, disciples of Jesus, thought that Mary was very stupid to waste such expensive oil..

I'd also put up my struggles along the way on my blog... Just that my blog is a bit messy with all the different symbols of languages...

Add Oil!!! (a Cantonese saying) = Keep up!
God bless you!!!!