Friday, February 03, 2006

Some folks will Swallow Anything!

Occasionally something comes across my desk which is so far out, that I figure it belongs in apocalyptic literature--- or on blogs. So all I can say is, the link is below that is labeled swallowing.wmv. Copy it into your browser, and then explain to me--- how that man from Glasgow did that!

Here is a more accessible

ALSO TRY THIS ONE----Watch the video and you be the judge: stevie_starr.wmv.

AND Google Stevie Starr and click on his Jay Leno Tonight Show performance.

Attach0.html (< 0.01 MB), swallowing.wmv (4.56 MB)


eBerry said...

Don't type swallowing.wmv into google. You will not get what you are looking for!

Ben Witherington said...

This clip is a Windows media clip if that helps any. It was sent to me as an attachment under that address and worked fine on my computer.


The Mr. said...

The text is not linked to the video.

Ben Witherington said...

Bizarre yes, but how'd he do dat? It must be one of the spiritual gifts I have never seen manifested before.

Dan McGowan said...

You know - I've been on this diet recently... and I'm thinking all I need to do is watch "Stevie" each morning and I should have no problems losing weight... wow! Seriously, I was trying to figure out if this was all a gag - until he did that bit with the Sweet'n'Low... hmmmmmmm???????

Phil Smith said...

Hello Dr. Witherington. We have met before (briefly), but you may not remember. My wife is Jana Riess, from Publishers Weekly. I used to play in the band at Andover Community Church.

There is a long discussion of Stevie Starr over at the Museum of Hoaxes. While there are many performers who have the skill of regurgitating small objects, he may also be "palming" items like the billiard ball and replacing it with a fake one. He also almost certainly swallows things beforehand (e.g., a waterproof bag of dry sugar).

kevinh said...

this is amazing and anyone would say exactly the same ........ but then others would say is it really ?? well theres many thinigs that it could be too make it a hoax camera tricks or smaller items made too look bigger . but i think this is a gift that has been given to this guy . but people will look at it in different ways . unbeilevable .