Saturday, September 08, 2007


Just pretending
Never caring
Brash Talk
Trash Talk
Cheap thrills
Raw deals
Pure bravado
So staccato
Living large
Not in charge.

Always daring
Just authentic
Always caring
Careful talk
Prayerful talk
Wise walk
Real Deal
Love in action
Gaining traction
Full of grace
The master's pace
Quiet strength.




Ryan said...

Interesting piece, Ben. Do you have any comments on it?

alpoteet said...


You could sell this list to a rapper and collect royalties for years to come.

Michael Gilley said...

Very tasteful. Thank you!

Ben Witherington said...

This is a contrast between Tony Dung (part II) and some of the more obnoxious NFL players--- but it has a wider application as well. See Tony Dungy's fine new book, Quiet Strength, which gives his testimony to Christ.


P.S. I did invision a rapper doing this bit.

Nick Crew said...

You know Dr Witherington, the style in that definitely could be rapped. Around the time I was reading your Gospel Code, I first heard a rapped response to the Da Vinci Code. The first verse has questions, the second verse has answers. Its too bad this guy doesnt have more of a spotlight in hip hop culture.

Artist: Da' TRUTH
Album: The Faith
Title: The Portrait (Da Vinci Code Snapshots)

Verse 1

Was Christ really buried—is there a chance

That He really married Mary and fled over to France

Did they really find His bones with a fine tooth comb

Or did He walk out of His tomb to His throne

Was He God—was He not

Was He alive when they dropped Him in a tomb

Did He swoon—was He moved

Was He removed by delusional dudes that refused to believe in the truth

Were they fools

Were the disciples hallucinating was the truth evaded

‘Cause they wanted to boost His ratings

Did the Catholic church from the Vatican

Work at keeping the bag of dirt under the rug

Was he God from above

If He was do you blink, do you shrug, do you hate do you love (2X)

Christ on the poster

Christ of the culture

Christ on the stain glass

Christ of the future

Christ on the video

Christ on the radio

The Christ of Da Vinci

What does he really know

Christ on award shows

Christ that Lord knows

Christ that’s sure to come back in His war clothes

In which Christ do you believe

You gotta know before you leave

Verse 2

Yes he did arrive, yes He was alive

No—he wasn’t married never had any wives

Yes—He did rise, days after He died

What can I say—yes He is God!

From the womb to the tomb

To His throne nobody in Rome could hold on to His bones

‘Cause there were no bones to be held though His bones were beheld

Who would have known

It was Jehov on the DL, providing forgiveness

Our lives are offensive

He died to put you and I in a friendship with himself

Pain is felt

When the glorious gospel is exchanged for wealth

Forget about how the spades were dealt

And think about how you measure up when weighed on the scale

One Lord

One faith I plug

One Lord

One Christ, one judge

Ben Witherington said...

Thanks Nick.... alrighty then....


D said...

i was thinking more about buffalo wild wings than rap music. did i miss something here?