Monday, May 11, 2009


There were many wonderful lesser known folk rock groups in the 70s, some of them Christian, some of them not. I can especially commend to you Batdorf and Rodney, Lazarus, Arrogance, and Aztec Two Step. What we have here in this post is four pretty decent live YouTube clips from Aztec Two Step (aka Rex Fowler and Neal Shulman) performing songs found on their absolutely classic first Aztec Two Step album which is great from start to finish, and recently re-released and remastered. If you liked Jackson Browne, Dan Fogelberg, James Taylor, Kenny Loggins early solo folk work, America, CSN, Poco and the like, you would love some of these fabulous old groups. I'm amazed that some of them can still perform at a pretty high level. Enjoy. BW3


theajthomas said...

If you are into folksy stuff you should check out this guy. Really talented musician with some moving lyrics. Although I don't know that he claims to be a "christian artist" his lyrics point to Him knowing what's going on for sure. His name is Matt Epp. Goggle him and you will get his myspace.

Corpus Christi Outreach Ministries said...

spent the last week listening to lots of 70's groups on u-tube, these guys are good. p.s. saw the soloist the other day, enjoyed it. I found the depiction of the homeless a little overdone, while many of them do suffer from mental problems, when among them in a crowd it's not as dangerous as some of the seems depicted. God bless, John

Gary said...

Two comments:

First, I'm am not at all surprised that there are LOTS of 70's groups who are wonderful whom I never heard. I'm always amazed by some of the 70's music I rediscover in odd places like film soundtracks, old commercials, etc. I really think it was a high water time for popular music in this country and that lots of people were turning out some wonderful songs.

Second, I just turned forty and bought my first guitar for a present. Never too old is what I say. I find myself looking with new interest at all the little details of how guitarists play now. It's hard getting started, like with any instrument, but I bet I can still learn a few things.