Sunday, May 03, 2009


The pre-pub scholarly reviews of The Indelible Image are beginning to come in. Here is one of the first ones which will be used as a blurb for the book. BW3

"Ben Witherington is a skilled historical exegete who has, probably
uniquely in our generation, pursued his passion for the theological
and ethical message of the New Testament through commentaries on
every one of the New Testament books. Now he has given us a summation
that is even more unusual: a New Testament theology that allows to
every one of those books a voice that really counts. A magnificent
climax to Witherington's work."

Richard Bauckham,
Prof. of NT, Emeritus
St. Andrews University,
St. Andrews, Scotland


Matthew D. Montonini said...


Congrats! I look forward to seeing this. Too bad I have to wait until September!

Once again, kudos to you for your great work!



Sean said...

So, we're REALLY looking forward to the publication of these volumes! When do you think they'll be published?

Thanks so much for your helpful works! Much appreciated, all the way from New Zealand!

Ben Witherington said...

Several months ago, I published on this blog a small excerpt from this first volume. You can do a search on the blog and read that for now. It looks to me like it will indeed be out in September. Like so many other industries, the publishing industry has been doing a lot of downsizing, which has slowed everything down, specifically the actual printing of books like this. But it will for sure be out in the fall, with the second volume out probably summer 2010.


Ben W.

Mark Stevens said...

I have been looking forward to its release with great anticipation. No doubt it will be a very helpful book for those of us on the frontline from a scholar we know and trust.

Thank you,


Steve Cornell said...

Looking forward to reading it.

Steve Cornell

Irenicum said...

From Richard Bauckham no less! That is high praise. His "God Crucified" and the followup "Jesus and the God of Israel" are, I think, the best Christologies out there. I look forward to getting your new book too. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

When one top dog recommends a book by another one, you become almost obligated to buy it.

D. H. Rogers said...

I just got my copy of New Testament Rhetoric in the mail an hour ago. I look forward to reading it. This fall I may be teaching a contemporary preaching course for a seminary extension class geared toward non-seminary educated pastors. I hope to expose them to the rhetorical ideas in the NT which could prove helpful for contemporary preaching forms and contents. All of this is contingent on whether that is the course that is offered, but I will be working through the book myself for my own benefit. I have thoroughly enjoyed your works through the years and found them to be of great benefit in my preaching and teaching.

David Rogers
First Baptist Biscoe, AR

Brad Johnson said...

I think you'll really enjoy Ben's NT Rhetoric text. Be especially attentive to the first two chapters. They offer the most concise, accessible, and relevant introduction to ancient rhetoric I've yet read. These two chapters should be required reading for every student of the NT.

Edwardtbabinski said...

Are there any first person witness accounts of the resurrection of Jesus? Paul mentions something in Galatians but does not describe his experience.

In a court of law you need to have first person accounts from witnesses. We don't have such stories in the Gospels, it's second hand throughout.

Jesus appeared to "so and so." Then let's hear so and so's first hand story.

Ben Witherington said...

Hi Edward:
Actually yes we do... the testimony of the Beloved Disciple is found in the Fourth Gospel. See my What Have They Done with Jesus?


Anonymous said...

Ed, what exactly does this have to do with Bauckham's review of a book on NT-rhetoric?