Saturday, March 14, 2009



These picture were all from the recent ministry trip to Houston. The top picture is the beautiful dome in St. Mary's Seminary where I lectured. The rest of the pictures are from the very fine exhibits at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts. There was a special exhibit on Bactria, Alexander the Great's kingdom in Afghanistan (yes that Afghanistan). These finds comes from tombs of the descendants of Alexander's rulers in the northern part of the country. The incredibly fine glass work and gold objects are in themselves worth the price of admission, and you can begin to sense the sweep and scope of the effect of Hellenism all the way to the steppes of Asia and India. The gold bowl is especially beautiful, and believe it or not it was for putting the head of the deceased in (no its not a really expensive jello mold).

I have also included some shots from the collection of Impressionist Art, and a couple of Biblical paintings. Enjoy BW3


Oscar T. G. said...

I'm surprised that they let you take photos. All the museums I've been to prohibit photography.

Ben Witherington said...

Houston allows it in some rooms, and interestingly the National Gallery allows it a lot in D.C.