Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Jesus told us that the Kingdom belongs to children, and here's one who may be able to find it on the map. Kudos to Marc Axelrod for this link---- watch this, (BW3)---


Anonymous said...

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normajean said...

Ben, I hope to see your review of Prince Caspian. Many thanks for your past reviews.

The Holtz's said...

Just came from a pastor's meeting to brief us for annual conference and learned that you will be leading our Bible study in Greenville in just a few weeks. I was thrilled! I am a student pastor here in NC, pastoring a thriving rural church while attending Duke. Been following your blog for some time now and have you linked from my own:

I look forward to meeting you in Greenville.


Phil_Williams said...


I really enjoyed reading the last couple months or your blog. My professor Chris Bounds told me to look you up. As a fellow fan or Rob Bell, I wondered how you feel about how Mars Hill distributes communion. When i attended last year, no one blessed the elements and the congregation formed a line to receive the bread and juice. the person in front me served me, and i served the person behind me. I never seen this before, and thought of it as odd. your thoughts?



pltypus said...

Dr Ben,
We left a post on your expose in Singapore at www.jeremiahblues

We salute you for your courage in exposing the frauds that come in the name of evangelicalism.