Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Yikes--That Faces Rings a Bell!

Over at they apparently do cloning, mind-melding and other such difficult tasks. Their latest efforts have produced that formidable tandem Bell Witherington, see picture included here.

Since I do wear glasses the least they could have done is give my left eyeball the benefit of a lens, but oh well. I'm not complaining-- after all, half of me is now 20 years younger and has a congregation of 11,000.

But the other half is still teaching at Asbury Seminary and lecturing and preaching around the world, and it's jolly difficult to keep up with one of those jobs, never mind two. So here's my suggestion. Rob and I should be uncoupled. After all we both have wives and families and they won't approve of this corporate merger, probably. They'd likely view it as a not so hostile takeover, but nonetheless, a takeover.

But I tell you what-- if Chuck is keen to see us work together, I'll make this offer. I'm happy to do a few jazzed up Nooma videos with Rob when he's ready. In exchange, I'd like to have him come offer some lectures on the Emerging Church movement at Asbury. Fair's fair.

Now I've got to figure out who that picture looks more like--- Velvet Elvis, or Sex God?


James Garth said...

How about a co-authored book:

The Quest for the Historical Sex God?

Rain: A Socio-Rhetorical Commentary?

What Have They Done With Elvis: Beyond Strange Theories and Bad History?

Haha, the possibilities are endless! :)

Ben Witherington said...

Well I'm all for the co-authored book. Rob and I need to have a little chat about that trampoline metaphor for doctrine, and just how much bounce there is to the ounce.


paul said...

"The Quest for the Historical Sex God?"

very nice. :)

[paul quickly grabs his credit card and clicks on his Amazon bookmark]

Marine Chaplain said...

What would the new version of "bullhorn guy" look like with this new merger?

Ben Witherington said...

Excellent question. I'm thinking bullhorn guy would look like half Al Pacino and half Robert Deniro but still have the pocket-protector in his white shirt with pens it it :)


JB said...

James' title suggestions are perfect!

The Fundraising Guy said...


I have appreciated your blog very much. I'm curious though about your evaluation/appreciation of Rob Bell and similar voices. Have you made any comments on David Wells',Christ in a Post-Modern World? I would like to see your assessment of his thinking.

Dr. Steve Miller

GCTS '75

Ben Witherington said...

Hi Steve:

We must have been at GCTS at the same time since I went in 74. I like David Well's critique of various aspects of modern culture. The issue comes with what he wants to put in its place.

In terms of actually reaching post-modern persons for Christ, I think Rob instinctively understands this better than David, and part of that is a generational thing.

I do also think that David Wells' world view is so Calvinistic in some very particular ways that he is bound to have an allergic reaction to some of the things Rob tries as experiments, and some of the things Rob says-- for example the idea that doctrine is like a trampoline with fixed boundaries and a solid foundation but flexible in the middle.

Christmas blessings,

Ben W.