Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Charles Wesley Rocks Your Chains Off

Who knew that Charles Wesley, that great writer of over 6,000 hymns, was a closet rocker? But now we have the proof in the form of a brand new CD-- Prisoner of Hope. Here is the basic info--
go to the web site: and you can order the CD. Price and ordering information is there. The cost is $14.00 plus s&h. Profits from cd sales will go to a student scholarship fund.

There are some 16 songs on the CD, and I will tell you now that you get everything from rock, to country Gospel, to hip hop, to alternative, to pop, to grundge, to just plain beautiful. My personal favorite is Depths of Mercy, but some of the Pearl Jam-eque numbers are pretty darn convincing as well. I would urge you to check this out, as the whole CD has been done by graduates or current students at Asbury college and seminary and the proceeds will go to student scholarships-- a good cause indeed. There's something on this CD for everyone-- not just the teens, but even old fogies like me. Rock your Chains Off!

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