Sunday, July 15, 2007

'Out of the Mouths of Babes'-- Part II-- Their Letters

A very long time ago, Art Linkletter published a little book on kids letters to God. There have been many such books and articles since. These are twelve of my favorites in their original scrawl. Children seem to have an innate sense of God, and they certainly know how to be honest in their prayers-- unlike some of us adults. Enjoy, BW3


Peace of Mind Property Management & Repair said...

Hey Ben;

Love your site, it's the first time I've been on. It will be a regular.

Alex said...


Thanks for posting these. If I had been reading these with anyone else they might have been humorous but reading these alone in silence as I have been the past couple of weeks as my wife has been out of town, they brought tears to my eyes and I found myself praying along as I read down through the page. I finally broke down at the one that said he thinks about God even when he's not praying and I told God that I do too, because I rarely pray, but I wanted him to know I thought about him. Talk about a book of 'common prayer'! I've been searching for some book or something to help me pray as I have a hard time with it. Maybe something this simple is part of the answer.

Ben Witherington said...

Yes Alex:
I believe prayer is hard for many of us, and at least for me, what has made it easier is that I am trying to live my whole life doxologically, to God's glory, which is another way of saying I am trying to live my whole life as a prayer of thanksgiving to God. In that context, when I actually say a prayer, however inadequately, I am simply articulating something that is just a verbal expression of all the rest, or makes sense in the context of the rest.



J. K. Jones said...

Great post.

I especially love the one about how God can love the world when it is so hard to love my brothers. I wonder how He could love us myself.

Anonymous said...

"he thinks about God even when he's not praying"

Reminds me of Francis of Assisi's statement to preach the Gospel everywhere, and to use words when neccessary.

Anonymous said...

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