Sunday, April 08, 2007

A Brief History of Easter

Happy Easter One and All. Below you will find a link to the super fast history of Easter courtesy of the History Channel, in less than four minutes. You too can discover the link between Jesus, Easter, bunnies, eggs, and when exactly we decided to have Easter celebrations always on Sunday instead of just following the lunar cycle.

Christos anesti.....!!!!


Paul said...

Interesting link. Makes Easter into a nice blend of traditions and takes the apparent superficiality out of the Easter eggs and bunnies. I think people tend to assume they were invented by Hallmark!

Donner said...

Hi Ben,

Thanks for the link. Of late, I've been puzzling over the origin of the word 'Easter' as many claim a pagan origin for it, attributing it to the name of some pagan goddess such as Ishtar, Eastre, Ashtoreth, etc. This seems ironic for a faith that is decisively against idolatry. I read in your earlier post your suggestion that this popular opinion is wrong and that it has more to do with Jerusalem lying East to most places where Christianity had spread to. I find this an atttractive option but could you substantiate your claim, or point me to some sources for further reading. Thanks in advance! Christ is Risen Indeed!