Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Church Video Hijinks

Well you can say all you want about church being boring, but I have the ocular proof it's not so-- all kinds of things can happen at church.

You Tube has a new video to prove it entitled Church Compilation Funny Ha Ha and its worth the price of admission. The link in U Tube is

What I want to know is-- who let the cat in?


Michael Kruse said...

Thanks for the heads up. We actually went to an inner city church for a few years in a 100 year building that housed two cats, Felix and Tabitha. They helped keep the mice away. The would sometimes come hang out in the sanctuary during worship. My wife and I, being cat lovers, were frequently visted by Felix. They pretty much keep to themselves unless approached. I can remember a couple of times when a cat strolled down the aisle or walked behind the pastor as he was preaching. Don't quite remember this happening. :)

art said...

the link isn't working for me

Unknown said...

Hi Dr Witherington,

Thanks for the hilarious video.

I believe the correct URL is

In one scene, I was focusing on the little girl at the left but who knows? It was the old man in the middle having his own fun.

Vicki said...

Thanks for the great video. I felt sorry for the young man who stumbled as he passed out. It reminded me of my cousin's Roman Catholic wedding many years ago. His best man fainted just before handing the ring to the priest. The ring rolled down into a floor grate. The priest (who seemed ancient to me then but was probably in his 60s) got on the floor, lifted the grate, and climbed down into the vent to search (successfully) for the ring.

Ken Carl said...

That's a hilarious video. I reminds me of the time my dad was performing a wedding (he's a retired Meth. Pastor) and the bride drank a glass of red koolaid before the ceremony. Then during the vows she threw up and you can imagine what that looked like!

Mar Vista Mustang said...

Sorry to be the spoiler--but about the older man right after the one-minute mark--prima facie, that's the bride's father, no? No one's bothered by what he's doing to his daughter? (Ergh, in addition to the priest going after the host. . . .)

Ben Witherington said...

Colleen I agree its disgusting, but its amazing to me that they would do that at a wedding when they knew it was being filmed--- what were they thinking?

James Garth said...

I love how the priest wavers in two minds about whether to go the plunge and retrieve the wafer.... better go after it before transubstantiation kicks in!! :-0

ChriS & Yvette Ferguson said...

How come you don't just post the embeded code so the video plays right from you blog? Just copy the embeded code which is on the right hand side of all Youtube videos and paste it in a post. Presto live video on your blog.

Just a thought! Great video and great blog! P.S. feel free to delete this post if you want.

Unknown said...

Something doesn't strike me right about laughing at mishaps during communion. I am not a Catholic Christian.

To me this seems on par with making jokes about the Holy Spirit.

yuckabuck said...

I'm thinking that the couple in question at the end is not a father-daughter duo, but perhaps the bride and groom. When she turns her head to see what the fuss is all about, she appears to be too old to be his daughter. I couldn't rule out other views, though.

Unknown said...

Response to tanktimus regarding the issue of communion mishap humor:

I am not suggesting that God does not appreciate the human sense of humor. After all, He created this capacity.

However, I do think that Christians should hold some things as too sacred to take lightly. I think the proclamation of the death of the Lord Jesus should certainly qualify as such an occasion. Paul explains how seriously we should take communion in 1 Cor 11:17-34.

It is hard for me to believe that God has very high expectations for how we regard the sacrifice of Jesus while we partake of communion, yet has very low expectations of us while we are viewing other brothers and sisters partake.