Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Disruptive Grace

Shattering the smattering
Of calm I had created,
Grace, a gratuity
Disrupted my day.

Interrupting the ennui
I kept on feeling
An alien intruder
Stepped in my way.

Pacifying the pestering
Voice which kept nagging
I sought out a sanctuary
Any port in a storm.

Reluctantly resigned
To divine solicitation
The carols and bells
Beguiled me again.

Unbidden, unwanted
Joy overcame me
In spite of reluctance
Immersed once more.

Profoundly pregnant
Stuffed with the sacred
I wondered as I wandered
Out the back door

Who sent out the signal
That lured and allured me
Called me and caught me
On that cold day?

A Father frantically calling?
A Son prodigally prodding?
A Spirited homing device?
GPS grace?

Or was it the familiar
Plaintive lament
Of a newborn child
Who was Heaven sent?

Some calls must be answered
Some cries must be heard,
Some voices are insistent
Especially the Word's.


Dec 12 2006


nm said...

You should really come out with a book of your poems. I really enjoy reading them. My favorite is the one in The New Testament Story. That is a good poem.

Any news on your Lazarus novel being published?

Ben Witherington said...

Nothing yet but my literary agent is working on it. And I am working on finding a publisher for my poems. Its been hard, since most folks won't do poetry.

Ben W.

Glen Alan Woods said...

I am sure you have already thought of this, but in case you haven't you might check out "Poet's Market 2007", edited by Nancy Breen and Erika O'Connell. You can find it on Amazon.


Glen Woods

Lynne said...

Thank you so much for this poem. Something to ponder amid the sheer tiredness of a silly season that ought to be the holy pause of Advent

Jim Martin said...

Ben--A very nice poem with a powerful message. Thanks.