Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Sound of the Soul

The sound of the soul
At the speed of light
Passed through my brain
And into the night.

Stifling silence
Sensing the sigh
Feeling the longing
Wanting to cry.

The sound of the soul,
Like a get away train
Doppler effect
Plaintive refrain.

Listening intently
Longing to know
Who am I really?
And does it show?

The sound of the soul
Like a voice in a well
Echoing always
Clear as a bell.

Tuning the instrument
Assessing the tone
Looking for harmony
Searching alone.

The sound of the soul
Out of the depths
Heart cry towards heaven
Wordless precepts.

“By him we cry Abba…
Groaning within
Awaiting adoption
Release from all sin”

“The Spirit assists us
With sighs double deep
Interceding with Abba
My soul to keep.”

Jan. 7, 2006

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